Groundhog Extermination Tips

Groundhogs or woodchucks, whatever you call them,  resemble squirrels but with an exception. Unlike squirrels, they prefer living in underground tunnels rather than trees. But that doesnt mean groundhogs can not climb trees. Not only they can climb trees but they can swim too which implies that they are prone to live in any condition which makes them the most difficult rodents to deal with. Groundhogs are much smaller than squirrels and their sizes and types vary.  Now you might question how will you locate the presence of a groundhog in your yard. Well, you will get a clue by those tiny hills in your gardens that they desert through burrowing. 

Once you locate them in your garden, you will want to try every possible thing out to deter them from your property. We have come up with some tried-and-tested methods to deter groundhogs from your property effectively. 

1. Trapping 

Trapping is considered to be the most ideal method for deterring groundhog worldwide. for effective trapping,  you need to execute a trap that crushes its head. Lethal traps have gotten normal and common in the market. Trapping is the most practiced method for killing a groundhog. The traps are placed at the tunnel exits and live baits are placed to lure the target into the trap. These pesky rodents cannot resist the bait and are trapped. Once trapped, you can displace them to a far off place. 

2. Fumigation 

Fumigation is a technique in which fumigants or vaporous pesticides are used to suffocate or kill the groundhogs inside their tunnels. The most commonly used fumigant is Methyl Bromide. This technique requires utmost care as fumigants are not toxic to pests only they are equally poisonous to human health too 

Yellow crystals are a toxic substance that kills groundhogs. Strychnine is another toxin that is utilized by numerous individuals when they need to dispose of rodents 

3. Shooting 

Shooting a groundhog with a firearm is another method for killing it. This may not be so direct yet a lot of people worldwide give this a shot. But this method requires serious shooting skills and is only practicable for good shooters as it requires supreme accuracy and the ability to hit on the target in the first shot because otherwise it will run away and never catch your sight ever again. Before shooting, make sure that it is legal in your country to use a firearm in a residential area to kill rodents. 

4. Propane-oxygen exploders 

Propane-oxygen exploders are a relatively new instrument for use against woodchucks. They drain off propane and oxygen into the tunnel, which then explodes inside the tunnel. Purchase and use security gear. Contact your nearby authorities to guarantee the explosion won't influence gaseous petrol lines, sewers or other underground utilities In the area. fill times usually extend from 15 to 60 seconds. Start at the low end, and monitor the whole process to determine average fill times in your vicinity. Refill gaps, and look for burrows as you would with fumigation. Not all states license using dangerous gadgets to kill rodents so you need to keep an eye on that as well. 

5. Ammonia 

Blend ammonia in with a washing detergent, vinegar, hot pepper, and cleanser and pour the blend down each gap. This process needs to be rehashed every few days until the groundhogs leave. Sudsy Ammonia or Cloudy Ammonia is regularly used to deter the groundhogs. These rodents, just like others cannot stand the pungent smell of ammonia and are forced to leave the place.   if you prefer not to get it from a store, you can generally make a natural deterrent containing ammonia at home. Include two cups of ordinary ammonia to the mixture and blend it well. Pour the mixture on the groundhog holes and wait for the woodchucks to leave. 

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